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Radiation Induced Neuropathy

What is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy is a common treatment used for treating cancer. Radiation therapy works by using beams of energy to destroy cancer cells.

Radiation works by destroying the genetic material that controls how cells grow and divide. The goal is to destroy cancerous cells, while destroying as few healthy cells as possible. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for radiation therapy to destroy both healthy cells and healthy nervous tissue, which can lead to lasting negative effects on your health - including neuropathy. 


What is neuropathy?

shutterstock_1041989587Peripheral neuropathy is caused by damages to the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system (PNS) is what is sends messages to and from the spinal cord and brain, to the rest of the body.

When the PNS suffers damage, it sends mixed signals to the central nervous system, causing the painful symptoms of neuropathy and disorientating your body - making balancing and walking difficult. 

So while radiation therapy is a great tool at treating cancer, sometimes the energy used to destroy the cancerous cells can affect important cells and nervous tissue that control the peripheral nervous system.

For more information, check out my Everything Neuropathy video that covers:

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