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Before this treatment I walked on stones as if it was soft grass. Since this treatment I can appreciate flip flops walking on stones. No more burning, itching, tingling at night. I now get a good nights sleep.
- Karen H, MI
Finally, someone who understands and gives hope to me. Best tests I’ve ever had to find out what’s really happening with my neuropathy. Looking forward to getting my body in better shape with Momentum’s help.
- Diane C, MI
Excellent people and excellent programs. I have seen major improvements in the first month of my program and have greatly reduced my diabetic medications already. And I feel great!
- Tim G, MI

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We love hearing our clients’ success stories.

"It's been great, so anyone doing this program stick with it. It does work and it does help."

- Jenelle B., MI

"I have already been through tens of thousands of dollars trying to find relief. Now I am off Lyrica and feeling my feet instead of the heat."

- Jim M, AZ

"I thought I was dying, I couldn't play with my grandson... I sleep at night now, I don't have to worry about walking and falling over."

- Jay W., MI

Take control of your neuropathy, get back to being mobile, and enjoy life again.

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