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“If I keep up with my treatments, at this rate, my neuropathy will be totally gone in a year!

I can now balance on one foot, feel a pin prick on my toes, and the covers over my feet no longer cause me pain. I highly recommend Dr. May, her treatment, and her staff. I'm blessed that I could do all of my therapy at home."

- Stacie Z., MI

Your neuropathy IS reversible. We are here to help.

Our powerful, all-natural Neuropathy Relief Program has been proven to work, from the comfort of homes, all across the country. Through our powerful and proven food and movement tools, we help you overcome your numbness, pain, and balance issues.

Get rid of your nerve pain and numbness with our complete online Relief Program. Our four-part system consists of a proven combination of:


Reduce Inflammation

Nutrition is an integral part of reducing inflammation. Our goal is to minimize different foods that may be causing harmful inflammation.


Improve Micro-Circulation

Improve blood flow to the nerves for lasting relief with short term and targeted supplementation.


At-Home Therapy

Custom plans designed around your life to rebuild your nerves, decrease pain levels, and improve your balance.

Relief Coach

Personalized Coaching

With ongoing online support, we will coach you every step of the way, right from the comfort of your own home. We are committed to helping you live a pain-free life!

Get back to the life you used to live.

Our Relief Program offers you:

  • An intensive, fully-integrated system
  • An inside-out approach to microcirculation improvement
  • A food-as-medicine system to decrease inflammation
  • Daily/weekly regimen with your accountability coach
  • Sensory exams to track program success
  • Reduced pain, tingling, and numbness

We love hearing our clients’ success stories.

"I have improved feeling in both legs, and I have lost 25lbs"

- Maryanne, MI

"With Dr. May, all of a sudden it was like, 'wait, there's a chance that we can reverse a medical problem... instead of just treating it until you die or lose limbs?'"

- Tim G, AZ

"After working with Dr. May, I started getting relief almost immediately."

- Susan G., MI

Take control of your neuropathy, get back to being mobile, and enjoy life again.

Your consultation will help you discover:

  • What is really causing your neuropathy
  • How to stop nerve damage before it's irreversible
  • How following our simple program can get you results

Your journey to neuropathy relief starts here.