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Do I Have Neuropathy? - The early signs of neuropathy

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, over 20 million Americans are estimated to have some form of neuropathy. Since symptoms of neuropathy can start small and gradually become worse, many people with early symptoms of neuropathy delay getting a diagnosis until the symptoms have become unbearable and have taken over their life. 

"Do I have neuropathy?"

Due to the challenges of diagnosing neuropathy, many clients who come into my office are unsure if they are suffering from neuropathy. With over  100 different causes of neuropathy, it is no surprise that every person with neuropathy, sufferers from different symptoms.

Today, I want cover some of the common warning signs of neuropathy, the little alarm bells that your body is using to signal that something is not going right. 


1. Loss of coordination

Having difficulty with walking, and balance is one of the most dangerous symptoms of neuropathy. The nervous system is responsible for sending information from your brain to the rest of your body. When you suffer from neuropathy, your nervous system is damaged which can make it difficult to determine distances and cause balance issues. 

In fact, falling is the leading cause of injury and death among those over the age of 65. 

2. Extreme SENSITIVITY to touch / allodynia

Allodynia, or extreme sensitivity to touch impacts about 15%-20% of those suffering with neuropathy.

Simple everyday tasks like; brushing your hair, putting on socks, going to sleep, and walking around can suddenly become daunting tasks. 

3. Trouble sleeping or getting comfortable at night

Sleep disturbance are another common symptom of neuropathy.  Without sleep, your body is in poor shape to heal. One of the common causes of sleep disturbances due to neuropathy is because of Allodynia. Even the slightest brush against a bed sheet can cause severe pain and discomfort. 

If difficulty sleeping is negatively impacting your quality of life, check out my blog on sleep supplements that I recommend. In this blog you will also get a few more tips and tricks for a better nights sleep. 

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4. Ulcers and Slow Wound Healing

There are a few reasons why neuropathy can cause ulcers, and slow wound healing including: 

  • Poor circulation
  • High blood sugar
  • Infections
  • Inability to feel/see wounds 

Peripheral neuropathy is also the #1 cause of amputations in those suffering from diabetes.

5. Pain and Numbness

Pain and numbness in areas of the body with neuropathy are the two mostshutterstock_2006359505 common symptoms I see in my office. Most typically, the pain and numbness effects feet and legs. But I have also seen clients with pain and numbness in their arms, legs, back, and face. 

The truth is, anywhere you have nerves - neuropathy can exist. 


If you’re experiencing any combination of these symptoms, chances are you may have neuropathy. The more of theses symptoms you experience daily, the more severe your neuropathy may be. 

Neuropathy generally progresses slowly for 2-5 years, but there’ll come a time when you reach a “drop-off point of no return.”

Wondering how severe your neuropathy is?

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Lasting neuropathy relief

Neuropathy is chronic condition that worsens overtime. Without treatment, any symptoms you have will progressively worsen.

While there is no cure or quick fix for neuropathy, our proven Neuropathy Relief Program has seen success time and time again at:

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