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Anti Inflammatory Dining Out

3 Tips for Anti Inflammatory Dining Out

With the holiday season upon us, sticking to an anti-inflammatory meal plan can prove to be challenging. Between road trips, holiday parties, and hectic schedules, many meals around the holidays can seem out our control. I am going to outline my top 3 tips for sticking to your anti-inflammatory meal plan during this season, so you can continue to see relief from the painful neuropathy symptoms. 

1. Plan Ahead

When possible, look ahead at the menu of the restaurant where you are going to eat. Take a moment to look at all of the options and find one that fits closest with your typical meal plan and dietary restrictions. 


2. Don't be afraid to ask for substitutions

Restaurants are used to making substitutions for dietary restrictions, allergies, and general lifestyle differences. Once you have taken a look at the menu and found a meal that closely matches your lifestyle, consider substituting/eliminating any inflammatory foods. Substitute a burger bun for a lettuce wrap, eliminate cheese on a salad and ask for more veggies, substitute salad dressing for olive oil and lemon juice. You would be surprised what is available if you just ask!

3. Don't overthink it

Nutrition Plate Facebook  (3)The heart of an anti-inflammatory diet is simply eating real, whole foods. Nearly every restaurant and fast food chain can offer you a protein, vegetables, and a small side of fruit. Go back to basics and use the image on the side to build your perfect plate. And remember, aim for progress - not perfection! You might not get the perfect meal the first time around, but the more you practice asking for substitutions and looking for healthy options, the easier it will be. 


Below is an easy diagram for quick substitutes at different types of restaurants!

Dining out Landscape